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The 7 Best compact zoom cameras

Digital Photography Review 23 Nov 2023
OM System Tough TG-7 ... OM System Tough TG-7 25-100mm equiv ... 12MP is fairly low Lens isn't very bright at long end Limited battery life Relatively expensive The OM System Tough TG-7 is a rugged, waterproof compact with a 25-100mm equivalent zoom lens ... These all add up to a camera that's worth the added expense, we feel.

PCC alumna’s creations on display through Dec. 7

Reflector 15 Nov 2023
kAm$.>AD@?[ H9@ 2=D@ 62C?65 2 8C2A9.4 56D.8? ... kAm$.>AD@?’D “s.G.?6 tG@=FE.@?” 6I9.3.E .D D4965F=65 E@ CF? E9C@F89 s64] f] %96 u.?6 pCED s6A2CE>6?E H.== 46=63C2E6 96C DF446DD E92E 52J H.E9 2 4=@D.?8 C646AE.@? .? E96 $>.E9 r6?E6C E92E CF?D 7C@> d\f A]>]k^Am.

Crypto Experts Think This Coin Could Explode Following Its IDO

CryptoPotato 06 Nov 2023
Crypto analysts on the lookout for the next explosive crypto are converging on their mark ... Analysts are excited about Meme Kombat because it’s more than just another meme coin ... So, $MK is likely to attract members from these communities as the fighting tournament grows and more memes are added ... – Doxxed team ... – AD / NFA / DYOR ... – TG ... .

Fun while it lasted: Tyngsborough tames Gardner in first round of state football playoffs

Telegram & Gazette - Worcester 04 Nov 2023
Added Figueroa, “Losing Doherian was rough, not being able to launch it to him, especially when I was in danger.” ... All the scoring, all the 79 combined points, ended with nine minutes left in the game when Goulet passed to Guilmette for the final score and added a two-point laser to TG Bradford for the Tiger’s 53rd point.

HHS swimmers are third at LSC Meet

Mesabi Daily News 29 Oct 2023
DULUTH—The Hibbing High School girls swimming team placed third at the Lake Superior Conference Meet held Saturday at the Lincoln Park Middle School Pool ... kAmx? 5.G.?8[ w.33.?8’D tG.6 #6?D<6CD 7.?.D965 E9.C5 H.E9 bb_]ad A@.?ED[ 7@==@H65 3J $J=G.6 (6EK6= .? 7@FCE9 H.E9 b`d]h_] .2==@CJ $6J<@C2 H2D D6G6?E9 H.E9 agh]c_]k^Am ... v.3D@? 2?5 }2@> ... .

Schools' pandemic spending boosted tech companies. Did it help U.S. students?

Columbia Missourian 11 Oct 2023
kAm“%92E >@?6J H6?E E@ 2 H.56 G2C.6EJ @7 AC@5F4ED 2?5 D6CG.46D[ 3FE .E H2D ?@E 5.DEC.3FE65 @? E96 32D.D @7 >6C.E @C 6BF.EJ @C 6G.56?46[” D2.5 q2CE tADE6.?[ 7@F?56C 2?5 7@C>6C rt~ @7 t5%649 tG.56?46 tI492?86[ 2 ?@?AC@7.E E92E 96=AD D49@@=D >2<6 E96 >@DE @7 E96.C ...

Watauga volleyball sweeps South Caldwell, Alexander and Hibriten

Watauga Democrat 10 Oct 2023
kAm$.?46 E96?[ (2E2F82 36DE65 $@FE9 r2=5H6== W`_\g[ a\e }(rX 2H2J .? vC2?.E6 u2== @? ~4E] a[ H.??.?8 .? E9C66 D6ED ad\`d[ ad\`g 2?5 ad\`c] .F=E.A=6 D6?.@CD 96=A65 =625 E96 H2J .? E92E @?6[ 2D qC@@<=J? $E2?36CJ =625 E96 DBF25 .? <.==D H.E9 `e[ 2?5 tG.6 #@33.?D ?@E4965 ad 2?5 b 246D]k^Am.

TG.Casino ICO Blasts Past $376,000 - Why This Telegram Gaming Crypto's 1,000%-Plus APY Coin Could 50x

Victoria Advocate 03 Oct 2023
"Crypto Casinos are rapidly gaining market share from Web2 online casinos due to their ease of access, no KYC and the ability to keep transactions off bank statements," TG.Casino notes, adding that "currently 80% of online casino games are played on mobile devices with the vast majority of Crypto casinos specifically designed for mobile devices".

Walmart moves into the pet services market

The Daily Astorian 21 Sep 2023
× This page requires Javascript ... kAmu@C 2 E.>6E96DEC66E]4@>^BF@E6^$q&)Qm$q&)k^2mk^DEC@?8mX \ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^D64FC6a]E96DEC66E]4@>^42A^AC>]5@n~xsl_bbbedU2>AjE.4<6Cl$q&)Qmv6E uC66 #6A@CEk^2mk^DA2?m @A6C2E65 DE2?5\2=@?6 %62G2?2 E62 D9@AD 2?5 tG@=FE.@? uC6D9 ;F.46 DE@C6D] r9.A@E=6 k^Am ... ....

How many plants survived what killed off the dinosaurs

The Herald Palladium 15 Sep 2023
kAmk2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]32E9]24]F<^E62>D^>.=?6C\46?EC6\7@C\6G@=FE.@?\DE277^Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<Q C6=lQ?@C676CC6C ?@@A6?6CQmsC] y2>.6 %9@>AD@?k^2m[ @7 q2E9VD ..=?6C r6?EC6 7@C tG@=FE.@?[ 2?5 .6I.4@VD k2 ...

Missouri jury awards $745 million in death of woman struck by driver who used inhalants

Columbia Missourian 12 Sep 2023
kAmp 7@C>6C &?.E65 qC2?5D H2C69@FD6 6>A=@J66 6DE.>2E65 5FC.?8 E6DE.>@?J E92E E9C66 BF2CE6CD @7 E96 4@>A2?JVD AC@5F4E H6?E E@ D>@<6 D9@AD] tG.56?46 .?4=F565 6>2.=D 36EH66? 4@>A2?J DE277 2?5 D>@<6 D9@A H@C<6CD[ 2?5 E96 4@>A2?J’D ...

Colorado family trying to live off the grid died of malnutrition, hypothermia

The Citizens 01 Sep 2023
... C6>2.?D @7 #636442 '2?46 2?5 r9C.DE.?6 '2?46 .?D.56 E96 E6?E] tG.56?46 2E E96 42>AD.E6 DF886DE65 E92E E96 72>.=J H2D ECJ.?8 E@ =.G6 @77 E96 8C.5 3FE 56DA6C2E6=J DECF88=65[ ..4926= q2C?6D[ E96 vF??.D@? r@F?EJ r@C@?6C H9@ 2FE9@C.K65 E96 2FE@AD.6D[ E@=5 %96 %.>6D]k^Am.

‘Hocus Pocus,’ ‘Twilight,’ & More: See Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween 2023 Lineup

Black Hills Pioneer 01 Sep 2023
kAm“~G6C E96 =2DE ad J62CD “%96C6’D D@>6E9.?8 D6?E.>6?E2= 23@FE E96D6 9@=.52J 4=2DD.4D E92E 3C.?8D 2 C62= D6?D6 @7 4@>7@CE 2?5 ?@DE2=8.2 E@ A6@A=6”k^Am ... kAm`aicd A]>] ts%^!s% – k6>mv@@D63F>AD ai w2F?E65 w2==@H66?k^6>mk^Am ... k9bmkDEC@?8m.@?52J>] ts%^!s% – k6>m%96 $.>AD@?Di %C669@FD6 @7 w@CC@Ck^6>mk^Am.

Westfalia launches their first dedicated avocado ripening facility in India

Fresh Plaza 22 Aug 2023
This ripening facility will be a milestone in India and will change the way avocados are marketed and consumed,” added Zac ... “This ripening facility in Mumbai is just the start and in the coming months, we will have similar facilities in other major metros of the country,” added Naidu. For more information.. Ajay TG ... Tel. ... ... ....

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